Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

Today was seriously the best. I slept in and then refused to get up or get dressed until around 2pm. I watched Harry Potter and SVU and indulged my laziness to the fullest degree. Keith got home from work at 3, we did some prep for our little Superbowl Party and then spent the whole night hanging out with friends and eating so much food.

We had a pretty great spread and I wish I had gotten a photo! We went potluck style and my tummy is quite pleased with the results. Tonight we were joined by Trent and Jordy, Tytus and Jamie, Ryan and Chelsey and later... our friend Ives. It was so nice to have everyone over and to catch up with those we hadn't seen in a bit.

I'll admit it... I was bored with the football game before it even started. I hung in there and got a few laughs during the commercials but I eventually had to give up. The ladies and I headed to the bedroom to find something (better) on TV but then we had a pretty big laugh about how ridiculous we looked laying under the covers in the bed haha

Me, Chelsey, and Jamie

This is how non-football enthusiasts make it through an entire game haha. We eventually rejoined the boys in the living room and ended the night with a rousing game of Loaded Questions.

Overall we had a pretty awesome weekend, but I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to next weekend when Keith has both Saturday and Sunday OFF! What a miracle!


  1. haha, I am very lucky to have a husband who has zero interest in football too--I didn't even realize it was super bowl sunday!

  2. It's so funny because all three of our husbands went to school for music and are definite art-types but they go bonkers for football/all other sports. It's like they have these spurts of testosterone that just need to be released with man-time, beer and group sports watching haha YOU are a lucky lady haha


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