Saturday, February 5, 2011

Busy Weekend

Can I be honest? I started this weekend with a pretty poor attitude. I ran out of work Friday night with so much relief to have a break from my long and stressful week... only to remember that I needed to go in this morning. I woke up today in a bad mood because all I really wanted to do was sleep in and NOT see my students for two whole days. That was not the case because my 4th graders have a Black History Month project due in a week and most of them live in homes that don't have computers/printers/markers/posterboard... aka the essentials for making a decent project haha. The teacher that I work with and I committed to coming in this morning to help the students get a head start, but it turned out to be much more stress on us because our kids really don't know how to research, and just wanted us to do everything for them. I stuck to my guns and refused to write anything for them and did lots of cutting and pasting (and grumbling about having to be at work) haha. It kind of felt like I was in 4th grade and didn't want to do MY project. It's times like these that I'm thankful I never have to return to middle school haha

After working on projects all morning and afternoon, I picked up Keith to drop him at work (FOR HIS LAST SATURDAY EVERRRR!). I then proceeded to our great friend Carolyn's baby shower!

Isaac dropped by for a little bit during the present opening portion.
I didn't know too many of the other women there, but I got to spend some great time with Isaac's mom Tami, AND I won the game where you have to guess how many Hershey's Kisses were in the jar haha. Carolyn and Isaac are having a little baby girl in early March and got SOOO MANY adorable things for "squirt" (they aren't announcing the name until she has arrived). There was definitely pink overload happening over there, but all the baby excitement was quite contagious. Can't wait to meet their little one!

Isaac thought the name of this gift was humorous, humorous enough to wear as a hat and text a picture to Keith haha

Carolyn showing off baby's adorable crib bedding
 I had a really great afternoon and I think I finally shook my crumby Saturday mood. On my way home I felt inspired to make some changes around the house to help myself feel more organized. I stopped by Southern Thrift and hit the jackpot for sure. I got a basket for our mail, a box for Keith to store all the things he collects on top of his dresser, a fruit bowl for the kitchen, a neat little dish for my jewelry and a perfectly fitted blazer... for $11! I felt very very successful.
Hopefully now that I don't have my jewelry hidden in a drawer, I'll wear it more often!
 Another helpful thing that I did tonight was clean out my wreck of a purse. I'm constantly impressed with the amount of things I can cram into a bag so small. I'm just glad we didn't play one of those shower games today where you had to grab things from your purse, because the amount of trash that I was harboring was pretty darn embarrassing.

Things I carry with me regularly, regardless of their impracticality: two bottles of hand sanitizer? I should probably downsize. Wallet. Makeup bag. Journal/Planner. Zyrtec for my allergy prone husband. Hand lotion. Perfume. Mini journal for lists. Various pens I collect. Chewy bar for when I have a snack attack. Orajel. Kitty cat change purse that Amanda got me in Florence. Candy/gum. Nail file. Advil. Chapstick and lipstick. Flipcam. Two broken watches and my Invisible Children bracelet, which has seen better days. Missing of course are my keys, which are currently on the key ring, my iPhone which resides in my back pocket and my camera which was obviously being used. 

Another little project that I did to brighten our home a bit this weekend was to quickly make some tissue paper flowers to fill our empty vase. I love having fresh flowers, but Theo ALWAYS eats them and the last ones we had I left out way longer than what could be considered safe (aka they were dead and moldy, ick).

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I'm looking forward to the little Super Bowl party that we're hosting tomorrow, football aside I love having an excuse for all our friends to get together (and eat).


  1. Love that you had a great thrifting day! Isn't cheap stuff just the greatest! And babies. Also very great!

  2. i've given up the - everything must be in my bag- gig a while ago... it's not so easy lugging around all that shit in a city. nooo fun. somehow girls manage to shove all that in without realizing. it's funny.

  3. paper flowers - genius. and so pretty! Also, I think "my breast friend" was totally a joke name when it was created and they just went with it because you can't do better than that.

  4. Ramsey- thrift store jackpot days are the bestttt!

    Eve- I had no idea I had that much crap in my bag and I have since streamlined haha I never used to carry a purse in Philly, just an id holder with my keys attached... for safety reasons as well as for portability. Now that I commute by car I guess I've really let my bag go haha.

    Kate- I absolutely agree with you about the name starting as a joke haha there is NO WAY that someone could have suggested that name without a few giggles haha


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