Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend was busy. Maybe just a little too busy for my liking since it followed a VERY busy week. Keith and I have vowed to make no plans next weekend because we are in need of some serious relaxing at home time. Theo will be ecstatic haha.

Friday I had a pretty anger-inducing night at work so Keith took me out to a nice dinner at Boscos and we had some very yummy beers. We couldn't stay out too late because Saturday morning I had to get up for another day at work. Our girls club was having their "sweetheart brunch" which I think was supposed to happen last weekend (it was Valentines' themed haha) but it turned out to be pretty fun all the same. We had a music group come and play and we had a feast for all the girls and their moms/aunts/grandmas or whoever else they brought with them. The funniest part is that the Boyscouts also had to attend to serve all the ladies their lunches. They were pretty hesitant at first, but once they all got into it they were super eager to grab us anything we needed and I even got my plate taken away before I was finished hahaha. Here are some photos from the event:
Who knows why, but Tyniqua and Julia had masks.

My coworker Sarah with Kenithia, Shazeedra and their mom Ms. Jolly along with Geneva.

Our faithful (and excited?) boys. 

My date Geneva and I (her mom was out of town so we sat together).

MarShaniece and Tyniqua.

Geneva insisted on feeding me my fruit haha.

Jermonika and her mom.

My favorite buddy Sahra and I :)
After the sweetheart brunch, Keith picked me up and we went to Steve's house to celebrate his birthday with a barbeque. We grilled up some amazing turkey burgers, enjoyed some beers, and shivered a bit outside since it was a touch colder than any of us had anticipated. The guys played endless rounds of this new game they discovered call Kan Jam. It seems like something all my college friends would LOVE since it involves a frisbee and lots of yelling haha. Basically there are two small can type objects that you place 50 feet apart and you try and throw a frisbee into it. Your teammate is allowed to deflect it into the can, which is actually a lot harder than it looks, and calls for lots of jumping, yelling and obviously.... jamming. Keith unleashed his inner dude and jammed until he was sore haha. Here he is modeling the "Kan" on his head:

After the bbq the boys went to the Belmont Basketball game and I had plans to see the Predators with Sarah. I picked her up, we ate a fabulous dinner at the International Market and then attempted to get downtown for the game. Downtown Nashville + Saturday night = no parking for Sarah and I. After a half and hour of trying to find a spot in any lot, regardless of price, we gave up. But never fear! Giving up meant that we got Reeses cup ice cream and watched Eclipse :) Way better than hockey hahaha

Today after church Keith and I gorged ourselves on Jersey Mikes subs (mmm mmm mmmm!!!) and then started our semi-hectic afternoon. We went shopping a bit for a washer and dryer, but then decided that we wanted to take Theo to the vet before his pet insurance ran out. We drove back to the house to grab him, I dropped the boys at the vet and then I headed to Fido because I was meeting with some friends to plan a babyshower for the lovely Chelsey Meyer. After our little meeting, I got the boys, we dropped Theo at home and then continued our mission to purchase a washer and dryer. It only took two more stores for us to feel comfortable sealing the deal... BUT!

We don't have to go to the laundromat ever again!!!!

We are now the VERY proud owners of a brand new washer/dryer set that will make our lives infinitely better. No more waiting a month to do our laundry and hating our lives because we have to sit at the laundromat all day. I am beyond excited! (now we just need a dishwasher. maybe in my next life). 
awkward? one of my shoes fell off when Keith boosted me up to get this picture haha
It's stuff like this that makes me feel like we're actual adults. Hooray for making lifelong investments! Anyone have fun weekend plans? Here's hoping that next weekends update reads: this weekend, we did NOTHING. Fingers crossed :)


  1. congrats on the washer and dryer. i hate laundromats.

  2. awkward, your boob is hanging out but WHO CARES. i laughed about your shoe and where did you buy that new w/d?

  3. uh I KNOW! Keith is the worst at taking my picture. When we got home and I looked at it, I was like "really keith? you couldn't have mentioned my boob was out?? haha. We got them at home depot cause Keith got us a sweeeeeeeeet deal!

  4. Ooo congrats on the washer & dryer! (And yes, you're adults, and I guess I am too because I just got excited that you bought a washer & dryer)


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