Thursday, February 10, 2011


This week I've been really missing my best friends a lot and doing some reflecting on what the last 5 years of my life were about. I've lived in 8 different places since I was 18 and the roommates I had along the way definitely shaped who I've become. This is by no means a conversation about not enjoying living with Keith (because it really is the best ever) but there is something that I miss about late night movies and popcorn with the girls or throwing a raging disco/glitter party on a whim haha

A little reflection:
My freshman year of college I lived with my best friend Andi. People tell you not to live with your best friend and we found out why, for sure. We had lots of ups and downs that year, but I have nothing but great memories of all our crazy antics. Like when we had a Viking funeral for her fish, or the crazy surprise party she threw for my 19th birthday. OH! Or the time our building caught fire and we sat outside all night and the week we only left our room for food and watched every episode of Sex and the City. We always made a point to eat dinner with each other and made so many new friends together, regardless of the awkwardness of dorm living. This was the first time either of us had ever lived away from our parents and we had such a blast.
This is from Andi's birthday... she dressed as a zombie most of the day/night 
This is one of the only other ones I have from our dorm (damn external hard drive crash!) we rented a wheel chair for a week and rolled each other around campus haha
Eventually Andi decided that college wasn't for her so I lived with the darling Amanda the next year. We too had ups and downs but that was really another stellar year. We did things like staying up all night talking or watching Disney movies. Riding bikes on campus when no one else was around, played lots of video games and made jokes about how my room smelled like bandaids, ugh. We took classes together and pulled all nighters in the library which usually spilled over to Dennys. She introduced me to the pub and I introduced her to my brother (they've been together 3 years now!)
A night at the Pub
Our shabby little "Christmas Card" photos haha
Thankfully Amanda wasn't too sick of me because when I was 20 we moved off campus and added Roxanne to our home. The 3 of us did so many silly things together and thinking about it now I'm really coming to terms with how important it is to live with women who will influence you positively. We shared so many interests and would always have deep late night conversations about art and philosophy and boys and life and EVERYTHING. We threw parties, went swimming a lot, took in stray cats and even adopted one for Amanda. We shared clothes and family dinners and evenings at the beach. I was definitely sad when we parted ways; but we were all pretty ready to move on to bigger and better things at the end of that year. Amanda and my brother moved to New York City that summer and Keith and I prepared for our big move to Philly.
That's Sir Fierce... the stuffed tiger who lived in our home.
LOVE these girls :) and that they loved to dance as much as me.
This is from our Cosby party.
Before we headed North we had the opportunity to live with our great friend Katelyn. It was one of the most fun summers we've had to date and a great introduction to living with each other. I LOVED living with Keith and Katelyn because it was the best of both worlds haha I had my boyfriend around all the time and when he was at work, Kate and I could watch bad movies and eat tons of chocolate. The best.

This is an awful picture of me, but it's a pretty good glimpse of what Katelyn and I did while Keith was away haha
I have such an amazing life, and even though these past 5 years were the toughest I've ever faced, they've been the most fun, and rewarding, and exciting and I wouldn't take even ONE moment back. Thank you to my lovely former roommates for listening to me cry and putting up with my terrible taste in music. Thank you for putting up with my candy eating habits and feeding me real food now and then haha I am a better person because of you.

That being said... living with my husband is seriously the best. It's like a best friend and a roommate all rolled into one and we always discuss everything, so there's none of that passive aggressive "I'm secretly mad at you, but won't say it" garbage haha. But maybe we could watch more Disney movies together though? And have more dance parties? Please!


  1. I love living with Jus but there are so many times I miss living with girls! I loved living in the sorority house because there was always something to do, someone who would go out with you, or somewhere to go.

    PS I love that you had a cosby party!

  2. Sorry for all the pranks... except for the one where Jeff and I filled your room with scary horses. I fully stand behind that one.

    I miss being roomies!


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