Saturday, February 26, 2011


Things I am excited about at the moment:

1). THIS WEEKEND! We still have no plans at all set for these two days and I couldn't be more excited! That doesn't mean we won't necessarily do anything or see anyone, we just don't want to feel locked into anything. Best feeling ever :) I was so out of whack this past week and I'm really glad to get some time to relax and recharge. Working until 7 every night means that I come home, eat dinner and then want to get in bed around 9 haha Thankfully Keith usually wants to go to bed before 10 also. We are definitely old people.

2). The beautiful washer and dryer that are currently sitting in my kitchen. Who thought I would ever be excited about doing laundry? It really does make SUCH a difference when you're able to do smaller individual loads a couple nights a week instead of having to lug a months worth of clothes to the laundromat and sit there all darn day. These machines are already paying themselves off with the unbounded happiness I'm feeling towards them haha. Hooray for grown up things! 

3). Mom and Joe-Dad's wedding is so soon! As much as I'm stoked for a weekend of lounging at the house, I'm pretty ready for a weekend away. In just two weeks we'll be down in Georgia celebrating Keith's moms wedding with what I can only image to be the party of the year. Can't wait to see family and friends and to get some Ikea shopping in haha we've got a list of things we've been eying and were just waiting until we had an excuse to make the trip down to Atlanta. 

4) My parents coming to visit!! My mom and a dad called last weekend with the proposition of visiting in April and I couldn't be happier. I feel like it's been forever since I've seen them (even though it was just in January) and I can't wait to show them our new city and our little house and all the things we've been up to since November. I know that they're always proud of us no matter what, but I'm really excited to show off how well Nashville has been treating us. It's definitely an upgrade from our place in Philly :)

5). I don't want to jinx it... but I'm pretty sure that spring is here. 
I mean... check out these flowers (weeeeeeds) that are already popping up in our yard! The sun is shining today and I have an infinity amount of smiles at the idea of no more snow. Please no more snow?

One more thing I'm REALLY excited about? Keith just got back from the grocery store and we're about to make a breakfast feast for two. I haven't had pancakes in forever and that needs to be ended right here, right  now. Bring on the syrup.

Happy weekend everyone!!


  1. matt and i made whole wheat pancakes with of course maple syrup this morning..... don't forget the cinnamon and vanilla extract.

  2. Eve that sounds absolutely divine!!! We went with blueberry since I had some that needed to be consumed. Ours weren't completely whole wheat because I didn't have two cups of wwflour haha I just substituted with some whit and called it a day. I also drop some vanilla extract in because I love it, but I never thought about cinnamon, thanks for the tip!!


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