Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Beginnings!

Remember when I said earlier in the week that we had some big news to share?? Well since Keith already wrote about it on facebook today I figured I would share....

Keith has a new job!! No more American Eagle!!

This is the most exciting thing in the world, in my book... mostly because it means that I get to see him more often. No more working until midnight. No more working every weekend and no more crazy holiday hours with zero vacation time! I can't wait to have my husband home for dinner every night and be able to explore Nashville together on the weekends. With Keith having a regular schedule, that means we can actually commit to making plans with friends more than a few days beforehand. Did I mention that I'm ecstatic? I could list the benefits of this new job all day haha

So after 3 years of drama and selling t-shirts to teenagers starting on Tuesday, Keith will be starting at a hospital staffing company working in human resources. Nothing too special, but at this point it's not so much about the job, but more about improving our quality of life until a better job opportunity presents itself.

A big congrats to the best husband in the world, I'm super proud of you!


  1. yayayay! I saw his facebook post and was hoping you'd update soon haha

    New jobs are so exciting!

  2. Congrats!!!
    I am incredibly jealous.


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