Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dried Out

Can someone please send this humidifier to my house? I'm dying over here! 

This is partially funny since I overheard Keith and our friend Ryan talking about humidifiers when we were helping them move on Saturday and Ryan said "Keith why don't you just get her that elephant shaped one that's meant for kids". Secretly I had been eying it over at Target long before though haha. 

Winter is cold, and that is expected but they never tell you how DRY it gets. Us Florida kids need our humidity to thrive. While the rest of the world complains about how gross it is and how frizzy your hair gets.... I'm in love. Keith calls me a little fish because of how much I just really like water, and swimming and humid wet weather. 

So my lips are chapped, my throat is dry, my hair is like straw and I need a little elephant to mist me while I sleep haha


  1. I'VE ALWAYS wanted that tooooo!!! my humidifier is all packed away in florida. i wish i had it here.

  2. I'm super dry too, add soft water to the heat and drywall dust and my hands feel like paper. :(

  3. I agree..this Florida girl is dying with the heat that I need inside the house...so tired of being dried out!

  4. forget about a humidifier. big stock pot on the stove, boil water. it helps tons!!


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