Wednesday, December 15, 2010


One year ago on December 14th, Keith took me to the middle of the city, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Our lives have gone in such an awesome direction from that point forward and I'm so glad for it. After a 9 month engagement I thought that our wedding day would never arrive, but now it has come and gone in a flash and we've had an amazing first 4 months of marriage. To be honest, it feels like we've been married for WAY longer than that haha.

Interested in reading our engagement story? Because I just really love sharing it. It melts my heart a little and I love how thoughtful my husband is. Here it is from my perspective:

We moved to Philadelphia in September so that I could start my masters degree. My first semester was finally finishing up towards the second week of December so things were a little less stressful at the time, and I was able to make a trip up to New York to see my dad who was in town.

I noticed that Keith was starting to act a little funny around that time too. He had been sending secret text messages and when I was out of town there would be times when I couldn't reach him because "his phone was dead" which was extremely out of character. The monday after I got back from New York Keith told me that he wanted to plan a date for us, just a nice night for us to go out and see all the Christmas lights down in the city and have a relaxing dinner after the stress of a long semester. I of course thought this was a wonderful idea and just what we needed.
As we were getting ready to go out to secret dinner I again had the feeling that Keith was up to something with all the texts and calls etc, but after a week of trying to guess his secret plan Keith was a little annoyed with trying to surprise me and kept assuring me that he wasn't going to propose that night since he hadn't had time to get the ring resized.
Anyway, so we took the train down to center city Philadelphia and started walking towards City Hall, as we passed by Macys I wanted to go inside to look at the light show that they had in there which was part of the reason that we went downtown that night (or so I thought) but Keith continued to rush us along. As we began to walk through City Hall to the "restaurant" that Keith said we were going to he pulled me off to the side where he had a blanket with candles, flowers and champagne set up. He of course said all kinds of wonderful things and eventually got down on one knee and proposed. One of the first questions that I asked many weeks before when I first suspected a proposal coming was if there were going to be people around that could clap where he was planning to propose (I'm not a huge fan of big scenes) but there were definitely people all around that cheered us on once I said yes.
The very cool part of the whole engagement was that Keith had two of my best friends Andi and Katelyn there to surprise me! After I said yes he prompted me to turn around and there were Andi and Kate running towards us. Quite the wonderful surprise since we hadn't seen each other in months, but they had helped Keith to set up the whole affair (which took lots of secret messaging haha). Afterwards we went and had burritos at a favorite local spot instead of the fancy place Keith had made up for our original date (which is what I really wanted to do all along but didn't want to ruin all of Keith's special date night plans haha).

 One of my favorite days of all time. Definitely one to tell the kids about.

All the photos here were taken by the lovely Katelyn Smith. She's the one on the right up there ;)


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