Monday, December 13, 2010

Trimming the Tree

Last night after a full day of snow, Keith and I finally decorated our awesome little Christmas tree! We started with some scrumptious breakfast for dinner (my request, duh) and then we needed to brave the icy roads so that we could get another strand of lights for the tree. These southerners completely overreacted to the snow and we had a good laugh about the people freaking out on the roads haha. We completed by watching Love Actually and just had a great time hanging out together and making the house feel homey.

We didn't have enough ornaments to cover the whole tree with the ones I had from our baby tree so Keith picked out some red and white ones to fill it in and I got to pick out a star because we never had one. I also strung some popcorn which took a surprising amount of time to accomplish, and left me pretty frustrated with our curious kitten. Overall I think it looks pretty good for our first married Christmas tree :)

Sidenote: when we woke up this morning Theo had only managed to get 2 ornaments off to play with. We decided that Theo shouldn't get presents this year because this tree is a present enough haha

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