Friday, December 31, 2010


I definitely believe that making a list of things to accomplish is the quickest way to make yourself resent them all, but as a goal oriented person I need a list so I make sure I don't forget anything. 

Here are some things that I want to make sure and do in 2011:

- Make healthier and wiser food choices
- Find a way to love exercising (meaning, I need to find a dance class)
- Continue to blog regularly

- Passionately serve at my job everyday
- Hang more art in our home since it's something that brings me so much joy
- Explore all that Nashville has to offer (come visit so we can be tourists together!)
- Pursue very intentional relationships with old and new friends, by being better at keeping in touch with my favorite people
- Adventure more with baking and cooking! and document it along the way
- Be disciplined in cleaning and taking care of our home

Like I said in my last post... 2010 was our best year yet. Here's to an awesome New Year!

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