Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Last night we tried brussel sprouts for the first time, and they were pretty darn good! For some reason both Keith and I had both never eaten them in our lifetime, but our CSA gave us the opportunity this week. Thankfully Ina Garten helped us roast them to perfection, and now we can say we're no longer sprout virgins. I can see why kids might not like these things though... very strong flavor, and a moderately strange texture.

In other news it took Keith and I an entire year of living in this house to fully realize how dark it gets at night with all the lights out. This may seem strange to the average person, but our new favorite evening game is to race to shut off all the other lights, hide somewhere and attempt to scare the crap out of each other haha. Keith usually gets me because he's super sneaky, but this weekend I'm proud to say that I truly scared him... he didn't like it, but I laughed really hard. Gotta love married life haha


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  2. oh man Jantz tries to scare me all the time (which isn't that hard haha), and the other day I finally scared him and he did NOT think it was funny - but it was really really funny.

    brussel sprouts really aren't that bad if they're cooked right. plus they look like mini cabbages, so you can pretend you're a giant when you eat them haha.

  3. Sprouts, in my opinion are hugely underrated, I think they tsate really good and no roast dinner is complete without them! XZ


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