Thursday, February 16, 2012

Be Mine

Last year my awesome Valentine surprised me by shaving his long scraggly beard... apparently he didn't want to go for a re-gift this year, but I am quite pleased with the great day that we had. Unfortunately Keith was feeling a little sick (wonder where he caught it? :) but thankfully he rallied just for me, and made me feel super special all day long.

I started the morning with a text that included details and a coupon for a manicure and pedicure I can schedule at my leisure, and a note from Keith which said "treat yo self!". This then prompted me to rewatch one of my favorite episodes of Parks and Recreation, which made me laugh just as much as I anticipated haha. After a quick run and a shower I realized that I had left my huge cart of art supplies in Keith's car and wouldn't be prepared for my afternoon lessons, so I called him up and scheduled an impromptu lunch rendezvous. Since we had plans to go out for dinner, I just made myself a sandwich and we had a little picnic in the car. I kind of like when being forgetful means that I get to have some extra time to hang out with my husband :)

Keith ended up feeling bad enough to leave work early, so he came home and slept whole I went to teach my afternoon art classes, and when I got home he was feeling energized enough to go out. We had a glass of wine while we got ready and then headed to dinner at a favorite little hole in the wall place, Savarinos. We love how no-frills everything is there, and the food is definitely worth talking about. I still haven't brought myself to try something new because I love the broccoli garlic penne so darn much! I think the best part is their selection of tasty little italian desserts... it always makes me think of my favorite gelato shop back home, Sonny's. After dinner we skipped the movie because Keith was starting to fade, and opted to go home and go to bed early instead.

Overall, it felt like a perfect little Valentines Day. Nothing crazy, but a nice occasion to get fancy and enjoy an evening for ourselves.

and if you're nostalgic like I am... here is a look at what we did for Valentines day in 2010 and 2011. Now I want to go and dig up pictures from our 2009 v-day... I can't believe we've been celebrating together for 4 years!

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  1. That sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day to me! I'm so glad your honey felt well enough to go out that night! And you, my dear looked lovely! :)


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