Friday, February 17, 2012


We just cannot seem to shake this winter sickness over here. I feel much better than I did last week at this time, but I'm still full of snot and much more tired than usual. I hate that just in time for Valentine's Day that I passed along my cold to Keith, but it was inevitable with how much time we spend together. He has been trying his hardest to shake it, but unfortunately he had to come home early from work Tuesday, felt terrible all day Wednesday, and then stay home all together on Thursday. I've been doing my best to take care of him as well as he took care of me last week, but I must say he's much better at tending to a sick person :) I am a lucky gal!

Keith does has great taste in sick day food though, why have lousy chicken noodle soup when you can have tortilla soup from Mas Tacos? Even Theo was trying to swipe some...

Here's hoping that everyone in our house gets better this weekend!


  1. That stinks, I'm sorry y'all are still so sick!! Hopefully the tortilla soup helps a lot ;)

  2. you'd want MY chicken soup, it's divine.

  3. tortilla soup daaaaaaaaaamn. sounds yummy!


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