Sunday, February 19, 2012

Super Super

Last two weeks were a lithe foggy, due to the sickness that tore through our home and in that fog I completely forgot to post these pictures from Superbowl Sunday! This year we had people over to our house again for the big game, but this was much expanded from last years small get together. We had lots of food and lots of great friends... some who were watching the football game, and some who were not haha. Keith was wonderful, and stood out at the grill cooking for us, and I think everyone was thankful for his BBQ chicken. I am just always happy for an occasion to get people together to hang out, even if that occasion is football. Here are a couple random shots that I took throughout the night:

Jordie, Trent, Bennett, Sammie

Keith and Jonathan 

Brad, Jen, David

Cheering on Madonna?

Brad, Keith and David

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  1. note: no pregnant women at your party and another note: no vegetarians. HOW BORING.


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