Thursday, February 23, 2012


This week I brought back an art project that was one of my favorites during summer camp: egg painting!

My elementary students were just as amazed as the kids I did this with last summer and I was happy to see similarly great results. In addition to learning how to make paint comparable to how the old masters would have... we learned about Illuminated Manuscripts and saw lots of examples of the pretty lettering and intricate details. I had the students write the first letter of their name in a similar fashion and then decorate the border of their paper. Later in the week we'll go back with markers and add some finer details, but I think the kids really enjoyed making these. I've learned lots of things in my time teaching art, and one of them is that kids really like to write words and add letters to their artwork... regardless of what it is haha.

This one was a favorite.
Another funny little story:  I brought these into the dining room at home to dry and caught Theo up on the table licking them. Gosh that cat is weird haha good thing these are non-toxic?

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