Sunday, February 5, 2012


This past Saturday Keith and I ran our first race together! Since we set our goal of running the half marathon in April we've been training like crazy and I knew that I wanted us to run a couple smaller races just to get a feel for what race day will be like. It just happened that when we were at the Flyers game last month we saw that they were advertising a Predators 5K where along with your registration you also got free hockey tickets. That was more than enough to sell us on signing up!

Yesterday we woke up to rain, but we knew that our training had prepared us enough for 3.1 miles to be a breeze. We got downtown, got our numbers, shirts and game tickets then took everything back to the car to get ready to run. Despite the rain, wet roads and CRAZY HILLS we did really well, and I was pretty proud that we finished it in just over 31 minutes. If we learned anything it's that we need to start running on more hilly streets, because Nashville is definitely not messing around haha. Now we have a 10K coming up in March and the half marathon in April!

pre race

getting his number situated

our semi-confusing race route haha

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  1. I love that you guys ran a race together!! I LOVE THAT KEITH IS A TEAM PLAYER WITH ALL THESE FUN PICS. <333333333333


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