Friday, January 20, 2012


Last Saturday night Keith and I had the pleasure of cheering on our favorite team from Philly... the Flyers! Long story short, our Georgia friends Chris and Jordan got tickets to see a handful of Predators hockey games because their favorite Atlanta team lost their franchise, but they weren't able to make the drive for last weekends game so they passed along the tickets to us. We were more than happy to watch the Preds play but got even MORE excited when Jordan emailed the tickets and we saw that they were playing the Flyers so we could ditch the home team and cheer for our favorites! We had such a great time at the game, but unfortunately the Flyers did not do us proud :/ Regardless, we were excited to see how many people in Nashville were also sporting orange... we weren't the only crazy people there cheering against the home team haha

Click here and here to see pictures from our other hockey game adventures here in Nashville!

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