Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter Break

I know that it's January already, but I still have a pretty good handful of photos to share from our Florida trip. Keith has had nearly two weeks off of work with me and finally has to go back to work tomorrow morning. Looking at all these photos today makes it feel like we're still on vacation and I'm NOT excited for that to end tomorrow. Here's to savoring our final moments of winter break together today! (by getting oil changes for our cars and cleaning the house, womp)

Here are some photos I took with our friends while we were in town last week:
Katelyn and Catie getting loko

Jake wearing Andi's sweater, Keith wearing the forever lazy.

Keith and Nathan smangin it.

Sun going down at the beach.

Kate and Janelle.

80 degrees and sunny the day after Christmas. Blows my mind!

Karaoke after ladies night.

Catie, Erick, Eve and Matt. Oh, and Jake ruining things.

Girls playing pool.

Trying to decide on a karaoke song.

Regretting our Katy Perry decision. Totally out of our range haha

Kate, Catie and Erick singing I'm on a boat. Crowd pleaser.

Nathan and Keith bringing the house down with Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Last night in town, dinner with family friends Bev and Perry.

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