Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This year for New Years Eve a few friends of ours expressed an interest in getting together and dressing up in our finest for a quiet cocktail party. Keith and I don't usually get many opportunities to get all gussied up, so naturally we were quite excited about it. After a long day of shopping and running errands we made ourselves look fancy and headed over to Ives' house to meet up with Bennett and McKel. The night was spent tasting cocktails, enjoying champagne, chatting about life, lighting fireworks and ringing in the New Year together. I got to recycle our hats and noise makers for yet another year, and we laughed when everyone in the room got countless "Happy New Year" messages at 11pm from our East coast buddies. Reluctantly with the help of Ryan Seacrest we counted down to midnight and I stole a kiss from my love :) It was a pretty great night!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had an awesome time ringing in 2012!

Popping the champagne (and looking like a waiter haha)

Ives making a Manhattan.

Drinking Old Fashioneds.


Ives wanted some love too.

The boys.

Bennett and McKel.

Getting our sparklers ready.

Toasting our champagne! 



Then the fireworks started...

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