Saturday, January 28, 2012

Double Feature

This morning instead of waking early and taking a long run, we stayed in bed as long as we wanted, ate a big breakfast including mimosas and watched a movie on the couch. It was just what I needed after a terrible day substituting Friday, bleckkkk. Talk about motivation to find a permanent job....

We finally watched 50/50 which made me laugh/cry equally. Ironic? Regardless, it was great. Now we're watching Captain America because Keith requested a "dude movie"... I'm blogging and he's getting our taxes started. It's been a really awesome day, which will conclude with a dinner date and making an appearance at a show that Keith's agency booked.

Here's to Sunday, starting with a run, church, lunch? naps and more hanging out.

Why can't the weekend last forever??

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  1. seriously. atleast you have a proper weekend. btw, we bought running shoes!


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