Thursday, January 19, 2012


Phewwwww.... finally a moment to sit down uninterrupted this week! I have no idea why, but it's just been ridiculously busy around here and I'm pretty worn down. All I'm doing is counting down the hours until Keith and I can have a quiet, no plans evening tomorrow night together. It's going to be amazing :)

So, in an effort to backtrack, let's talk about last weekend! Our beautiful friend Janelle, her boyfriend Christian and their dog Coaltrain were on their way back from an epic road trip from Pennsylvania to New Mexico and stopped in Nashville along the way. We had only planned on hosting them Friday night and Saturday, but we were all having such a great time that they ended up staying Saturday night and Sunday; heading out on Monday morning. It was refreshing to have visitors that we didn't need to make extensive plans for, everything was just really natural and we spent all our energy enjoying each others company and eating lots of great food! Friday we had dinner at Mas Tacos and had drinks back at the house with Trent and Jordy. Lunch Saturday was at Mitchell's, then we spent some time at the dog park before dinner at Burger Up and honky tonkin downtown. Sunday we FINALLY got to have a meal at a new burger spot, Pharmacy and then dinner at PM. So much goodness in one weekend! It had been years since Janelle and I have seen each other, but it was so great to catch up on each other's lives and have a fun weekend together. Here are some photos:

Janelle and Coal

Janelle, Jordana and I. we were so silly that night! Check out more pictures here: here


dog park

Christian, Coaltrain, Keith and I lounging

doggy love :)

Having a paleta before dinner!

Burger Up


VERY yummy burgers!

and great sodas too!

more sunny dog park



so much sushi!

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