Thursday, January 12, 2012


This week has been a lazy one on my part. It's my first week back to work for the year and already I'm home... not working. After school programs were cancelled tonight because of the SNOW we're getting. Don't confuse that for excitement, it's more like shock! This whole week I went out with no coat on, last night I woke up sweating and wishing the fan was on, and today... it's snowing? Nashville: you continue to blow my mind daily. Since I haven't updated much in the new year I figured I would bring you up to speed on what has been going on with us recently:

I know that Keith and I have a tendency to surprise people with big exciting news, and we definitely have some potentially awesome things in the wings, so I guess it couldn't hurt to let people in on the secrets just this once. It's not a surprise to many that we aren't totally in love with the house we live in. It was a perfect little refuge from our one bedroom apartment in Philadelphia and the price is certainly amazing, but it definitely has it's flaws, the largest of which is not having central heat and air. I know I was just commenting about how it hasn't been very cold here this winter, but relying on electric wall heaters is still not a party even when it's in the 40s. I've spent a couple days here recently wondering if I would ever be warm again (dramatic much?) but then I remembered that this past summer was the hottest of my life without A/C. and did I mention buggy?! So many bugs in here! Gross. Regardless we have begun the hunt to find a new house in the area. We're still planning to stay on the east side of town and still planning on renting, but just hoping to get a little more bang for our buck house wise. We found a place this weekend that we were pretty set on and thought was going to be "the one" but they ended up changing their mind about not wanting pets. But that's ok! We aren't in a huge rush, and obviously we're moving to better our situation, so we don't want to get ourselves into something unless it's right. I looked at 2 more places today that have potential, so maybe by next week we'll know!

Another  little exciting bit: I've been interviewing for new day jobs! I love my after school job SO MUCH, but it's just not enough to keep me occupied and to pay the bills. I've tried substituting but I don't get calls consistently enough, so this week I really put the pedal to the metal on finding something permanent. So far I've interviewed with a preschool who is looking for a teacher in the 4 and 5 year old room, and I have 2 more interviews lined up for similar things. I never thought preschool would be something I was interested in, but I really loved the feel of the place I went to yesterday and I felt like it could be a really good fit! Plus, they don't have an art teacher ;) I don't really know what my next big step will be career wise, and I think I'm still in the waiting period with that, but this could be a really great help for our family in the mean time.

Things are still going great with Keith's new job. He's been booking some shows and building up contacts slowly but surely and I could not be more proud! He even finally got a spot on their website. Isn't he the cutest??

Our half marathon training is really coming along! Although I'm still nervous I won't make it the whole distance haha. I had some set backs last week and after feeling like I would have to start at square one with training I had a really awesome 6 mile run this morning. Isn't it crazy how just one great run can change my outlook on all of my training? I know that there will be good days and bad, but I'm just hoping for more great runs like todays ! Keith and I are planning a couple longer runs this weekend so hopefully everything will be a success. Also: my 21 day yoga challenge is going really well! Anyone else sign up?

We are currently LOVING our farm share, I just feel like everything has been extra good this week, and we've made some really delicious meals. My current favorite are: greek yogurt with a pinch of cinnamon and a nice spoonful of local honey, chicken parm with breadcrumbs from our left over butt pieces and a sauce Keith made from stewed local tomatoes, chicken with a honey balsamic glaze and turnip mash, and lastly, open faced pulled chicken sandwiches with homemade sauerkraut and both kale and turnip chips on the side. I was pretty nervous about how we were going to take to local/seasonal eating but we have really stepped it up and made some AWESOME things we never would have thought of otherwise! Maybe all those years of Food Network watching have really paid off?!

Hmm anything else? Nope, that's really all that we have going on these days... looking for a house, trying to find a day job, running and eating awesome food. Sounds good to me! Now I'm going to go make some popcorn with our local kernels, and have some watermelon jam on crackers for dessert... you should be jealous haha.

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