Sunday, January 29, 2012

Edwards Ave

I know we can't move in until March, but we're super excited our new house. We stopped by this afternoon just to take a look and we were further impressed by how humongous the back yard is. Our future puppy is going to LOVE it, and who knows... maybe it will be void of snakes ;)

Keith walking the fence line.

Our future deck! and we can pull our cars around back if we want.

View of the house from the absolute wilderness that is the backyard haha it's so huge!

Just a little view of the side.
Sorry there aren't many more, I need to upload all the photos on my phone, because right now it's full and I can't take more... boo.

Something random: I've noticed that my photos are pretty poor quality when you look at the blog page, so until I can change the layout just click on the photos and they will expand and look a bit bigger/nicer.

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