Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Funny Stories

Sometimes I hate to admit this, but my parents are some of the funniest people that I know, and it seems that strange/funny things surround them endlessly. Here are some stories from our week together that could not go unshared:

Wednesday night we're leaving the concert and lots of people were trying to get on an elevator to the parking garage and mysteriously the doors wouldn't close once everyone had smashed in. Keith held back and when a women got off, we coached him to hop on, not realizing what the hold up was. The elevator still would not budge but Keith embarrassing understood the issue... the elevator was over the weight limit and he was the tipping point. He stepped off amongst cheers of "way to take one for the team" from strangers, and a weird lady who told him  to "go jog a lap" haha. We died laughing, because we're mean, for the entire time it took for him to catch the next elevator... and then some. I love you Keith and you're not fat... there were just 12 other people on that elevator, and you were the unfortunate target. 

Fast forward to Saturday at the Horse Park... we were standing at the top of the course watching horses run and jump over things when all of a sudden a women who has just purchased a hotdog trips on the little white piece of string roping off the course and proceeds to drop it in such a way that the top and bottom parts of the bun separated from themselves and sent the dog rolling. We held our laughter for this part because we're decent, but did not necessarily hold back our judgement when she proceeded to put it back together and eat it. 

The funnier part of this day came soon after the hotdog incident when we all looked to our right to see a swarm of bugs headed our way. At first they looked like gnats, then maybe flies but once they got closer we realized it was thousands of bees. Yep. a SWARM of bees. Most bizarre thing ever. The laughter came from the couple standing next to us who when they realized it was bees, screamed louder than necessary to "GET DOWN! HIT THE GROUND" and to "HURRY AND GET DOWN". They then proceeded to drop to the ground and army crawl away in fear. I absolutely lost it because they bees quickly flew past and it was really no big deal, yet they severely overreacted as if we were being shot at hahaha. When we were all safe and bee free, the couple got up and Keith nonchalantly looked at them and said, "great job guys, just they way we practiced it. this was not a drill". I laughed for about 20 minutes. 

This isn't really a story, but at open mic night we say a husband/wife duo who played kids songs; her name was Whiskers, and his was Pouchie. They sang songs about their pets getting married and it felt like it was straight out of a movie. Crazy town. We sniggered softly to ourselves. 

We lead pretty hysterical lives :)

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