Friday, May 13, 2011

Roller Derby

Last Saturday Keith and I drove up to Clarksville to hang out with our beautiful friend Jackie who was in town from Florida for a bout for a roller derby team there. Keith and I have seen the movie Whip It, but aside from that had no idea what roller derby was really about and I can say with confidence that we definitely had a blast. The rules are fairly simple, there is screaming and pushing involved and we got to buy beer out the back door of the skating rink. There are lots of things to laugh about in Clarksville, but that was my favorite haha

It's hard to tell, but Jackie is in all of those skating photos... I promise haha. The team Jackie played with ended up winning by more than 100 points and we were the crazy people there cheering for the random Florida visiting team haha After the bout we headed to downtown Clarksville for the after party and got some more time to catch up with Jackie. Overall it was a GREAT way to spend our Saturday night, and we were so thankful to be able to see a good friend. Also, I would highly recommend finding some local roller derby to watch, it was such a blast!

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