Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Photo Recap

Hold your breath... the internet is currently working, and I don't know how long it will stay that way so I'm typing as quickly as possible :)

Here is what we've been up to this week that my parents have been in town:

Wednesday we went for a run at Shelby Bottoms, had lunch at Jersey Mikes, relaxed at the house, had dinner at Savarino's and headed to the Ryman to see Jeff Beck. It was a great night... which also included drinking wine out of to-go cups in the parking garage. Win.

Thursday someone I know turned 60! and we started with another refreshing run, headed to Cheekwood to check out the beautiful gardens and an art exhibit I had been looking forward to. It was AWESOME! It couldn't have been a nicer day to be outside. We were throughly impressed.
The mansion was beautiful, and so were the views.

Someone in this photo is 60.

This is Keith doing thai chi (which looks a lot like he's casting a spell on someone)
After Cheekwood we took the long way home through Brentwood and checked out where the rich people lived, took naps and then headed to the Yazoo Brewery for some drinks and present opening then to Flyte for dinner. It was so freaking good, we all ate every little thing on our plates haha.
They had to relive their Stevie Wonder photo from our NYC trip in January.

Friday morning we woke up early and started our day with a trip to Pancake Pantry before getting on the road to visit some family friends in Lexington, KY.

When we arrived in Kentucky we headed straight to Keeneland to watch some horse racing. This was a first time for Keith and I and I would by no means say that we are now professionals at betting on horses, but we did have a pretty good time.
My dad was showing Keith how to study the stats on the horses before we placed our bets.

Here we are with my dads childhood friend Richard.

Go horses!

Dad cheering on his horse

and he wins! or I should say.. the horse he bet on won.

More running horses... we were VERY close.

AND WE WIN! ($14.00)
Saturday we woke up and then headed to the Kentucky Horse Park to watch a cross country horse race. It was pretty interesting and nothing that we've ever seen before (and I got a sun burn on my forearms, ugh).
yes we both wore plaid.

Keith found a stand that sold giant pickles. Sold.

and the rest of us ate those ridiculously delicious sugary almonds that always smell so good.

This is the fatefully awkward horse photo that I chased with a daiquiri.

We watched horses jump over things.
After horsin' around all day (dads joke) we had a delicious italian dinner and then Keith and my dad made some music in the living room with Richard's daughter Madelyn.

Sunday we drove back to Nashville, relaxed and grilled on the Big Green Egg. It was wonderful to have a day to play catch up.

Monday my parents and I had our last run at the park, and then picked up Keith for a renegade tour of RCA Studio B. It's a historic old studio here in Nashville where many classics were recorded and also happens to by owned by Belmont. If you wanted to take a tour you have to buy a $30 ticket to the Country Music Hall of Fame which we were certainly not going to do, so we drove over, knocked on the door, said we were Belmont students and got to go in and look around for free. Awesome. I would recommend it.

I need a wig like those.

Then we took a quick tour of Belmont, went home for a nap, had dinner at Burger Up and then went to open mic night at the Bluebird Cafe. It was really entertaining... we saw some pretty good musicians and some really terrible/humorous ones and were overall pretty interested in witnessing how many people come to Nashville from around the world to "make it big".

It was a GREAT trip. We loved having them in town and we enjoyed being tourists in our own city. We had some amazing food, and more bottles of wine than I can count... such a treat. Can't wait to have them come back and visit again. Feel free to come and visit us as well! We are now professional Nashville guides haha


  1. and everyone gained 50 pounds from all your meals hahaha, i didn't know you ran lady. run with me when i pop this child out.

  2. You would think! I don't think that I really ate more than I usually would though. My parents are pretty healthy eaters/portion controllers and regular exercisers so on days that we had big dinners none of us had lunch. It was a surprisingly good balance haha. AND! I kinda hate running, but I'm trying to not hate it. My parents are very avid runners and have been reluctantly obliging them my whole life. Regardless, I would love to run with you and baby Meyer :)

  3. The font under the pictures is so small that I thought you won $1400, and not $14.00. $14 is still awesome though

    and obviously I love that picture with the horse standing up!


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