Friday, May 13, 2011


So our internet is FINALLY fixed after more than a month of being down. I have LOTS of things to share, so bare with me :) These are some pictures that I meant to share weeks ago, but never got around to it, so here I am backtracking all the way to our Easter weekend.

Friday before Easter, Keith and I went on a date to Las Marachas and he got our favorite: the triple beer!

You can't really tell how big the glass is until you see it next to a normal sized glass haha

Saturday Chelsey and I took Theo to the vet and did some shopping at the mall. When I went to pick him up they had put this really funny bandana on him. He looked embarrassed haha

Later on Saturday we had some people over for a pre-holiday BBQ. We don't have patio furniture so we just had to bring our regular dining room stuff outside... still gets the job down. Keith made some fabulous turkey burgers (which I'm craving really hard right now). It was great to see some friends that we don't see very often, and Keith is always looking for an opportunity to use his grill.

Bennett and Dan came!

Easter Sunday we had a pretty packed day. We started at church, had brunch with our friend Carolyn's family, lunch with Tytus and Jamie and ended the night with a BBQ at Steve's house. It was a great day, long, but great AND we ate more food than I thought was possible haha
Julia and Bennett!

Heres and added bonus: the day before my parents got to town my students did a community service project and picked up trash around the center. Can you tell how excited they are? It was a long night...

And this was their sad attempt at a group picture... no ones paying any attention :) story of my life haha

**sidenote: after we picked up all that trash, they threw their gloves on the ground and walked away. #thedontlearnanything!


  1. the second to last picture has me bustinggggggg hahahahaahah

  2. Theo in the bandana is hilarious!
    I can't want to hang out with you two in Florida soon! Even if it is yucky hot, humid, summer in Florida.


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