Sunday, May 15, 2011

Grown Ups

This Sunday I don't really have a review of our week because we happened to be doing a detox cleanse and didn't do very much besides eat a lot of vegetables and pretend we weren't hungry. It went really well despite the whole not eating anything but vegetables thing and we are both feeling very energized, healthy and ready to head back into a summer exercise routine.

Yesterday after our second trip to home depot I looked at Keith and said "we have done WAY too many grown up things today." I feel that we've reached the unfortunate part of our lives where buying a lawn mower counts as an exciting new toy haha. I shouldn't say unfortunate because obviously this was our own choice and we love our lives the way they are, but it is super weird to admit that we are no longer kids. After that statement, I immediately suggested that we find a bounce house to jump in to compensate for all our grown up errands. We didn't actually do that, but in the mean time we now own a lawn mower and a weed whacker, so we no longer have to be "those people" in the neighborhood. We also finally got air conditioning for our house, recycled all our glass bottles and got a membership at the YMCA. Next week though... bounce house!

After all our Saturday errands we headed down to Franklin with Ryan and Chelsey to see Isaac, Carolyn and baby Sage. We were also joined by Trent, Jordie, Tytus and Jamie and had a really nice night catching up, eating and playing games. It is so nice to have such a caring and supportive group of friends here in Nashville (even if it makes me miss all my Florida/Philly friends, boo).

She is growing up so fast!

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