Monday, September 12, 2011

Peaceful Snacking

On Saturday Keith and I did some laundry and caught up around the house, which was definitely the relaxing day that we needed. The only time we deemed worthy of leaving the house was for Keith to get fitted for a suit for an upcoming wedding he's in. On our way back from the mall we stopped and grabbed a bottle of wine to share outside as we enjoyed the amazing weather :) Keith made us this great little appetizer that I found on pinterest awhile ago. It was such a tasty snack to have before dinner... and speaking of the weather? Nashville has had the grossest, hottest summer I've ever felt, but this weekend was pure bliss... I've almost forgotten all about these disgusting past 3 months haha. It was great to spend some time outside with my two favorite boys...

I cut mine up and ate it with bread, mmmm.

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  1. mmm mm mm those sound mighty tasty! i am diggin the tomatoes right now. i've been getting baskets from the farmers market and keep eating them like crazy. i can't wait till the weather drops below 80. ugh. this weather is horrid.


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