Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Friends Are Family

Last weekend we made a quick trip to Georgia to visit some of our greatest friends Dane and Deb and their amazing family. We don't get to see them nearly enough, but regardless of that we have an immense love for this family... you see, Dane is the amazing man who you know... legalized our wedding. Got ordained to marry us... he's the best and Deb, she ran the show at our wedding and made me way less stressed than I could have been. We will forever have an unbreakable bond with them because of that (oh and the fact that we all have the same last name) and it was SO GREAT to be able to spend time getting to know their children and loving them to pieces. It was awesome, and definitely didn't help that crazy baby fever I've got going on (don't worry, we're not jumping the gun anytime soon). It was one of those weekends away that didn't feel stressful or leave us tired, which is the best in my opinion. Also, while we were in Georgia we got a chance to see Keith's mom and Joe-dad as well as best friend Jonathan and his soon-to-be wife Erin at their wedding shower. Good times all around :) Here are some photos of our adventures:

Keith reading to Ember

Making silly faces.

Keith reading to Josiah and Ember.

Playing music.

Sweet baby Sage, the smiliest baby I've ever seen!

Keith and Sage.

Watching videos with Josiah and Ember.

Deb, Josiah and I.

Deb and Ember singing.

Richards family photo in front of their brand new house!

The best :)

Ember and daddy tree climbing.

Sage and Deb.


She is so happy!!!

Waving goodbye to us.
and then at the shower....
Keith with the happy couple.

Jonathan and the 3 craftsman shop vacs he got hahaha

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