Friday, September 2, 2011

A Day in the Life...

It seems pretty narcissistic to assume that people are interested in what I do daily, BUT I thought it would be fun to keep my camera (aka phone) handy with me all day and capture a glimpse of what it's like to be in my shoes. Mostly it's boring, some days it's rather exciting.... regardless here is a day in my life, Thursday, September 1st, 2011:

Keith wakes up at 6:45, gets ready and leaves me usually before I can roll over and deliriously kiss him goodbye. I try my hardest to wake up at 8 now that I'm back to working at 10am; I usually lay in bed and look at my phone for a bit before I actually get up though.

Theo VERY impatiently waits for me to get up so he can spend the rest of his morning hogging up all my attention. He's super needy in the mornings :)

His favorite spot is up on the sink I think because it puts him a little closer to our level, and he's obviously found that I'm more willing to pet him (usually in an effort to get him to move! haha)

Most mornings Theo will stick around while I wipe off yesterdays makeup and fix my hair.

And then sometimes he's just too precious to push away... he loves watching everything we do. 

And then he does other adorable things like stealing the cap to my make up remover and bringing it to the tub to play haha. Basically... I spend my entire morning laughing at my cat.

On this particular morning I was good and used my extra morning time to squeeze in some running at the gym. 

30 minutes is usually my max on mornings that I'm headed to work (sorry for the nauseating running photo haha)

But of course when I get back my little buddy is ready and waiting for me at the door. I shower, get dressed and get myself out the door. 

This morning I had to stop for some breakfast/lunch snacks because we had pretty sparse groceries so I grabbed a sandwich, juice and granola bar at the Turnip Truck.

Then it's off to the Martha O'Bryan Center... I love sneaking a peek of the skyline as I turn onto our street. 

Headed up the hill...

This wasn't a particularly busy morning... I had a meeting/training on making home visits,  I chatted with coworkers about the future, typed up some lesson plans, and printed out some activities for the afternoon. We have an office room with 4 computers at a large desk that are open for Americorps members to use, so we spend most of our days camped out in there, and most often eat lunch there also.

On one of my many trips across the hall to the bathroom... I feel like I walk 5 miles a day with all the trips I take to the copy machine and the bathroom haha

Since I finished up all of my work in the morning and didn't have any school visits planned my afternoon dragged on a bit.  I sat in on some computer training for new members.

Made some tea to curb my craving for an afternoon soda fix.

Set out snack for the kids: bananas, graham crackers and string cheese.  

And then in a whirlwind the center goes from being completely silent to utter chaos in a matter of moments. The kids arrive and eat their snack and my job is to convince them to stay in their seats. It's also a great opportunity for me to talk with them about their day and how their doing (ps- the cheese sticks were a total hit).

Then it's time for homework help. We split up the students by grade and Murphy takes 1st/2nd, I've got 3rd/4th grade. The students with the same teachers usually group themselves together to get homework done and I float around to answer questions. We aren't doing any formal lessons yet because they students are leaving at 6:30, so that means a little extra play time.

I head to the gym and find Brian on the sidelines because he wasn't following rules, so we sit together and chat about what he could do better next time (and he is AMAZED with my camera).

We watch the rest of the class run around and do some fun relays and then we both join in for some dodgeball.

Since we have to share the gym with middle school we head back to the rec room and play some more games until it's time to go home. 

This time has usually been reserved for reading, but since it's Thursday we give the kids a break and let them have some fun. 

On my way home I have to make a stop a Kroger, but I don't even mind that much because the sunset looks INCREDIBLE from the parking lot :)

Then it's house cleaning time, followed by taco night compliments of chef Keith. If he wasn't my husband I would probably have withered away by now haha

At this time of the night we usually settle into the couch and find something on TV, I finished up the night by playing Theo's new favorite game: oven mitt wrestling... my way of protecting my arm from him sharp teeth and claws. 

Thank you for indulging me. If I ever do this again, I'll be sure to pick an extremely action packed day to record haha


  1. Sorry I'm so behind on reading...I love this post so much! It's fun to see how other's days go - yours seems much more enriching than mine ;)

  2. oh and Theo CRACKS me up! I love the pics of him in the bathroom. So cute!


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