Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Birthday

I can't believe I couldn't manage to write this post last week, but... our favorite little car is officially ONE YEAR OLD! Can you even believe that one year ago Keith and I were newlyweds fresh off our honeymoon and car-less. Stressful? Eh, we've seen worse. Our first and only post wedding/vacation task was to find a car we wanted and buy it... and THAT is how Marty came to be. The first car we have ever bought and shared together that was only made possible due to the amazing blessing of wedding gifts. We have had some awesome adventures in Marty in the past year including trips to: Washington, DC, New York City, Boston, Atlanta, Lexington, North Carolina and moving to NASHVILLE! Just this weekend we replaced his original Pennsylvania license plate for a Tennessee one which was a little bittersweet, but we will always remember his first home of Philadelphia and cherish how much easier this little car was to park on our street than our SUV haha. Now that we're in Nashville Marty hasn't had as much of an easy time, and unfortunately we've been rear ended twice in less than a year. Hopefully that won't be a trend moving forward in our car owning life, but Marty is tough and we're just so thankfully to have a reliable vehicle to call our own. Celebrating a car's birthday may seem a little odd to the average person, but when your only means of transportation breaks down a week before your wedding and you come back from your honeymoon with enough money to buy a car, you feel pretty lucky to have it and take any chance you can get to celebrate haha.

A photo from the week we bough Marty.

So where will you take us next little car? I cannot wait for more road trip adventures with my family, and it's our hope that Marty will be part of that family for many more years to come. So hey Nashville drivers! Quit running into us!

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  1. Oh man, wedding gifts. That alone is a great reason to have a wedding even though after all the stress of planning I was ready to elope!!! haha!


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