Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Keith and I are finally home after spending lots of time away from our messy apartment and our playful kitten (who is currently insisting that I not stop playing with him since he apparently needs us to make up for lost time haha). Our wedding and honeymoon were the greatest and so much more wonderful than we ever expected or could have asked for. Full updates on both are currently in queue! We've been back for a little more than 24 hours and already we have made some very adult, married people steps in our new life... like BUYING A CAR! As I'm sure you all know, last month we had to say goodbye to our car at a pretty inconvenient time in our lives, yet after the experience we had yesterday we are finally realizing that God really does have everything all figured out, and that this was the perfect time for us to purchase a car that was our very own. We cannot even begin to thank our friends and family that blessed us with overwhelmingly generous wedding gifts, and it is because of all of you that we were able to get such a good deal on a car yesterday. Neither Keith nor I have ever had enough money in our hands at one time to make sure a large investment and it was such a rewarding feeling. Also, neither of us have ever had the pleasure of calling a brand new car our own, and believe me... that new car smell really is all it's cracked up to be haha.

Once we got back to our apartment late Sunday evening (thanks for the ride Tim!) we stayed up until our eyes could stay open no more researching cars, so that we could be sure that we were spending our money in the right place. No matter what lists, or consumer reports that we read, the Honda Fit was right at the top as far as reliability and overall ratings. When it kept popping up places we figured that had to be a sign and even after talking to multiple people about the cars they drive, and how much they liked them we knew we needed to go to a dealership and see what they could do for us. Our amazing friend Aly offered to be our chauffeur yesterday and took us to a couple of places, and sat on many couches for too many hours just so that we could be able to drive a car home yesterday. We're pretty thankful for the Philly friends that we have :) Anyway, Keith no longer has to ride a bike to work, and we no longer have to bum rides from friends AND I might even be encouraged to start driving in the state of Pennsylvania haha.

We couldn't be happier to have something that is all ours, that we can take care of and that will get us where we need to be. We both cannot wait to take roadtrips in our new car, and see all kinds of places that we've never been before.

Life is very very good :)

OUR CAR!! Which currently requires naming, suggestions welcome!

Keith shaking hands with Joe, our car salesman.

The face of a man who now has a ride to work in the morning haha

Happy happy happy!!

My apologies for the lack of pictures with our new vehicle, it was unfortunately raining when we drove it away so we'll have to do a photoshoot when Keith gets home from work tonight!

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