Monday, August 30, 2010


This post was meant for yesterday (Sunday), better late than never haha excuse me if it is out of context. I'll have some pictures to share when I get up in the morning.

Pet peeves today:
-while we were sleeping Theo decided to get into my box of wedding
supplies and managed to get the fishing wire out and wrapped around
every leg of furniture from our bedroom into the living room
-soap in my eyes during my shower this morning
-stinky cat litter box
-sink full of a weeks worth of personally neglected dishes
-cramps cramps cramps
-forgetting that it's back to school season and that Target and Bed
Bath and Beyond would be the worst places to shop on a Sunday haha
-forgetting some key items we needed and having to take an unwanted
CVS trip when we had already gotten comfy at home

Awesome things today:
-afternoon naps with my husband
-after we clean Theo's box he always thanks us by using the bathroom
right away... at least I know he's greatful haha
-my iPod genius playlist that I listened to while doing dishes. It knew
my mood exactly and when a song came on that we danced to at the
wedding it made my cry a happy tear to remember how much I
loved that day
-yummy hummus lunch
-spending some gift cards at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond.. getting
awesome practical things like a new GPS and a down comforter for winter
-having Keith all to myself today :-)
-starting our AMAZING heirloom book (more on that later)
-I used some gift cards I had this week at Victorias Secret and got
one of their new bras... worth every penny, I never want to take it
off. It feels like I'm always getting a great hug.
-we are so in love with our car, Martin aka Marty, we could not be more thankful
for our friends and family for so generously giving to us for our
wedding. We are so bleased!!
-I'm also incredibly in love with how beautiful our crate and barrel
place settings are. They make our kitchen look like were adults and
not poor college kids who got our plates at walmart
-freshly baked cookies!!
-and a happy meal :-)

Other things that I realized today:
I drool 75% more when I'm napping rather than sleeping
Keith and I use a tremendous amount of spoons in comparison to any
other utensil, like.... more than double. Good thing we have big ones
and little ones haha


  1. That bra comment made me laugh because Andrew and I saw the advertisement for it the other day...something like "The best bra ever" and we poked fun at it saying it's got to be just like every other bra and there can't be anything special about it. Guess we were wrong, haha.

  2. I feel like they come out with a new bra every year that is "the best bra in the world" so their credibility is a little shot... I needed a new racerback bra though and it is seriously one of the most comfortable things I've ever put on. Can't fight the facts haha but I definitely agree that their marketing is pretty laughable.


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