Sunday, August 1, 2010

Old Photos

I just wanted to share some photos from good ole 1983, the year my parents got married. When I was in Owego, NY for our wedding shower, the family all got together and spent most of one evening looking through stacks of old photos. Passed along to me was an album full of pictures from my parents wedding, which everyone got a kick out of.

Here is my beautiful mother at her bridal shower wearing the traditionally ridiculous hat made of bows from your presents haha

and here is me, in similar fashion from my shower in Florida. Who starts these traditions?

Here are some others from their big day:

I love this last photo of my mother haha who knows what she's talking about or who she's yelling at, regardless I bet she's having fun. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for being such an awesome example of a lasting marriage and continual love. I hope that our wedding is just as much fun as yours was 27 years ago!

PS- Dear Keith: Please take note of how gently my father is feeding her that cake.... please please please don't shove it in my face!!

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