Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weird Weekend

Theo napping on my shoulder
This weekend went VERY differently than we had originally planned, not in a bad way, but we ended up doing quite a few more things than we had originally intended. I spent Friday cleaning up the house and then we entertained Andrew and Cheryl who were coming through town along with Ryan, Chelsey and baby Elliot. Keith made some amazing turkey burgers AND black bean burgers; I made this potato salad and I think it's the best I've ever eaten, then I also did a repeat of this quick cobbler. In the morning I made Andrew and Cheryl pancakes before they headed out and got some errands out of the way while Keith hung with his dude friends at Titans training camp. In just two weeks time I will be the proud owner of prescription sunglasses! After my little episode last week, I'm going on a contacts hiatus but still want to be able to shield my eyes from the sun... can't wait! Anyway, once Keith and I both returned we headed out again to pick up a friend from the airport and to get take out from Pei Wei for dinner. I made Keith watch Country Strong with me out of curiosity and I think we were both surprised that it was pretty decent. Now today we've gone to church, had lunch with friends at Mitchells Deli and Keith has headed to band practice. It wasn't exactly the "no plans" weekend we had dreamed of but we're still thankful for the rest we did get.

Andrew with Keith's disgusting doll from college named "Jimmy Bone". It's better not to ask...

Theo and I relaxing while Keith worked on his drums

The funny little ladybug I found on my book this morning. 

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