Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Road-trip Experts

I'm sure that most of my friends can attest to this, but I've never claimed to be a great road-tripper. This made me super nervous to make an 11 hour drive through the night but thankfully I have an amazingly patient husband who puts up with my teeny tiny bladder and my grumbly tummy... oh and my strong dislike of driving. Keith was an absolute champion and drove us the WHOLE 11 hours there and back with no talk of needing to switch. I was pretty darn thankful for the sleep he let me have and that I was able to relax on the drive. He's the best. I stayed awake with him for most of the trip and we got to have some great chats, listen to music and do our best to cut through the boredom. I wouldn't have wanted to be with anyone else though. Here are a couple shots from the car and pictures of us at the weirdest place in the world: South of the Border. It was even creepier and more deserted than I remembered. I would say it's worth it to stop and see it in all it's bizarre glory, but don't hang around too long. It's terrifying haha

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