Sunday, August 21, 2011


Dice up the fruit.

As I was peeking around pinterest last week I saw this recipe for homemade fruit roll ups. It was so simple and an amazing looking snack so I decided to grab up some cheap berries and give it a try. The only thing that held me back during the week was that it takes 8 HOURS to bake in the oven, which made this into a weekend project. Yesterday I woke up with a mission, and that mission was to make tasty homemade candy fruit treats. The beginning steps were pretty easy, but it takes some major patience to let this sit in the oven ALL day. Here are some tips: the recipe calls for 2 cups of fruit... I added peaches as well which took me over the 2 cups but I figured it would be fine. If I did it again, I would be a little more strict though because having more fruit meant that it was a little thicker and took even longer to cook. Ugh. Another thing: it says to add water when you stew the fruit, but if you have relatively ripe fruit you really aren't going to need it. I added more water than I wanted to which made it more of a liquid consistency and also made it take longer to cook. Lastly... it says not to turn up the heat at all, and in my fit of impatience I broke this rule. Oops. It ended up not being a huge deal, but I did have a couple of burnt spots in the middle. Overall this was super easy to do, cheap, delicious, and something I would definitely recommend for a rainy day at home. Keith's only comment? "That took you 10 hours to make and 10 minute to eat!" Yep. It was so good that I ate the entire tray within an hour haha

I added peaches too because they are SO good right now.

Put them in a pot, turn it on low heat and let them stew until they're nice and mushy. After, you put them in the blender to make it nice and smooth.

Grease some parchment paper, pour out your fruit and smooth it over the baking sheet and get it in the oven!

I ended up pulling the edge off before it was completely done because I just couldn't wait. 

This straight up looks like bacon hahaha I didn't cut very pretty pieces, oops.


This gets a huge thumbs up from me, and I'm thankful that I found the recipe. Can't wait to try it again with all different kinds of fruit! Let me know if you make it, I would love to hear how it went!


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