Sunday, August 14, 2011


One year ago today Keith and I managed to gather the most amazing crowd of people to witness us exchange vows, and to celebrate the joy of love together with us. It was a day that I will never forget, and that we've spent the weekend sharing stories about and laughing at all the crazy things that happened. This year FLEW by, and we learned so much about marriage and life and love and respect. I wouldn't take back any of those difficult moments for all the good things that have come out of it. Marriage is hard, but thankfully I have an amazing partner in crime.

Thank you Keith Richards for the most amazing year of my life so far... I look forward to all the wonderful adventures that we still have ahead of us :)

Here are some photos from our wedding that you may not have seen before:

The production that was hanging our alter.

Getting settled for our outdoor ceremony.

Mom doing flower arrangements.

Probably stressing over table arrangements (and clearly before hair and makeup haha)

Steve trying to be a bridesmaid.

Center pieces.

Guys getting ready at the hotel... livin the highlife courtesy of my brother.

Writing his vows :)


Trying hard to keep my eyes open for pictures... SO SUNNY!

DJ Bert.

The only thing I was nervous about was all those people watching me haha

I was crying so much, and he was so sweet to me. 

Sweaty hands.

Crying again as he sang to me. 

Laughing at each other.

Goof balls.

The lovely Dane and Deb, who married us and organized the chaos.

Sibling love.

Saying hello to Matt, Eve, Sara and Drew who were in Prague haha

That cake was pretty hard to cut. 

Party scene from the DJs table.

Headed out!

Life of the party Dad.

Writing this post has been an excellent excuse to go through all of our albums of wedding photos together and reminisce a bit. I miss all the people in these picture and as much as I'm glad we got to lounge today, a little part of me wishes we were all back in Boca tonight having a KILLER party. Our reception is a night I don't think anyone will ever forget for a long time. As much as I was pushed to my stress limits through the wedding planning process, the night that we had with all our closest friends and family made every second worth it. Thank you to everyone who joined us, and made that day such a joyous occasion for Keith and I. One year later we're still talking about how amazing that day was, and I hope that we continue to tell these stories for many more years to come!

Now if only we were headed out on our honeymoon tomorrow....


  1. aw adorable post. :) congrats on 1 year!

  2. sibling love picture...CLASSIC

    I didn't know he sang to you during the wedding?? OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! KEITH <3 <3

    I would have been crying too.

  3. aww I LOVE your wedding pictures!!! This is such a sweet post. happy anniversary, you two! :)


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