Friday, August 19, 2011

Cat Mom

Obviously I'm not a mother yet, but I am one of those frustrating people that treats their pet like it's a child. We got Theo when he was just a few weeks old which required caring for him as if he was a baby. He is a VERY dear member of our family, and I get really protective of him like a mother would.

He's had some kidney/bladder issues in the past and they've flared up again this week. I brought him to the vet last night and they couldn't get a urine sample, so I had to pack him up again this morning to try again. Still didn't have a full bladder, so I had to drop him off and wait until he produced a large enough sample. Now I've spent the whole day being extremely emotional about traumatizing him, and impatiently waiting for the call to bring him home. Our house feels so weird without him here.

I know I sound like a ridiculous cat freak right now, but I hope that other pet lovers can relate. Theo isn't just our cat, he is a part of our family; a regular in the Christmas card photo and the one who always greets me at the door when I come home. Some days he can be a little pest, but he's OUR little pest and I wouldn't trade him in even though some days I tell him I want to. Fingers crossed that the doctor can figure out what is going on with him so that we don't have to take him back to the vet for a long time!


  1. i'm sorry! i understand completely. i can't even put kisa in a carrier anymore cause it makes me feel so bad. does theo handle it well? kisa used to get so scared she'd meow nonstop in the car then poop sometimes! awful. i just hold her in a towel on my lap if i ever have to take her anywhere.

    i'll be thinkin about him!

  2. Awww poor Theo.. and you! Believe me, I understand how you're feeling. When you're a true animal lover, they really do feel like part of your family and you take care of them as such. I hope they figure out what's wrong and get him back to feeling better!!


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