Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Nashville Gem

Last night we went to Mas Tacos, Por Favor for the first time, and I was so blown away that I woke up this morning craving more. It was one of the best dinners I've ever had in this city, and that is saying a lot because there are some amazing eats here. If you live in the Nashville area and have not had their elote or chicken tortilla soup... you are missing out on some of the greatest flavor explosions your mouth will ever experience. This has definitely been added to the list of places that we MUST bring people when they visit, along with Burger Up and Mitchell Delicatessen. I'll stop raving now...


Our feast.

Creepy painting on the wall.

and then to the movies...


  1. That sounds like such a good night! I probably need a taco now. And by probably, I mean definitely.

  2. With all the awesome places you have eaten, you should write reviews on yelp! I love yelp, and yelp my favorite restaurants all ze time! I wanna try mas tacos, por favor!!!


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