Monday, September 5, 2011

Friend Love

As I mentioned these beautiful ladies drove all the way from our nations capital to hang out with Keith and I this long weekend and it was AMAZING. We had such a blast and did things like: eating LOTS of food, enjoying many beverages, going to/hosting BBQ's, jumping off cliffs, having coffee, partaking in impromptu photoshoots and running all over Nashville laughing and taking photos. It was refreshing to spend time with them, show them a bit of what our life is like here and make some new friends along the way. They are awesome. I don't have the time to blog all of the photos that I took this weekend right this moment... but if you can't hardly wait to see how cute we are, you should become my friend on facebook and check them all out!


  1. amazing girl friends really are the best thing ever! and i loved your "a day in the life". your day was way more eventful than most of mine haha.

  2. Friends are the best! You guys sound like a blast! :)


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