Sunday, September 18, 2011


I took a little bit of unplanned time away from the blog this week mostly due to absolute exhaustion. I think I will always be amazed at how tired I am at the end of my work day, regardless of how busy I was. I don't work more than an 8 hour day, but somehow getting finished at 7pm as opposed to 5, or 6 just completely wipes away any bit of energy or motivation. Thankfully I have an amazing husband who feeds me dinner and puts me to bed each night, usually before 10pm haha.

Here are some things that happened this week while I was away from the internet:

Last Sunday we had Trent and Jordie over to watch the Titans game and we made our favorite pizza.

Then we worked REALLY hard to get this group shot haha

One of my little favorites Elijah was SOOOO excited about his new outfit that he asked me to take his photo... precious :)

On Friday Sarah and I took her middle school group on a field trip. 

We went to Rocket town, a local music venue/skatepark and they learned how to play some instruments (note the enthusiasm)

Friday night Steve and Sarah came over, we ate Mas Tacos again and came back to the house to have some beer and hang out... Keith broke out his leather jacket and we all had a good laugh haha

Saturday afternoon we ventured out to find the Grilled Cheeserie food truck with Steve.

I had cheddar with tomatoes and avocado aioli. Yum! Topped off with tots and Mexican Coca-Cola. 

Keith and Steve went to band practice for a few hours on Saturday afternoon so Sarah and I took a walk at Shelby Bottoms to avoid lazily laying on the couch all day.

Then Keith and I watched a movie and Theo stayed very close by 

and today, in honor of the great sandwich I had yesterday, I broke out the panini press and made my own, which was not nearly as amazing, but was way cheaper haha
Some other things that I did this week that didn't get photographed?

  • I woke up early to run two miles three different mornings this week AND I went to a 6am Zumba class... hooray for morning motivation!
  • Because of how good I was with exercising this week I treated myself to a delicious lunch at Mitchell's on Thursday. Mmmmm. 
  • We slept in until 10am both Saturday and Sunday... it felt SO great.
  • I worked a nearly 12 hour day on Friday which is usually my day off... oops.
  • I finished everything I need to do to become a substitute teacher here in Nashville, I can't believe how soon I will be transitioning away from my job!
  • I got some awesome new work pants at the Gap for 50% off! Good things come to those who wait for sales. 
  • Oh and we made chili yesterday, and it was probably the best it has ever tasted. So stinkin good!

Anything interesting happen while I was away?


  1. ok, how do you get to that shelby bottoms trail??

  2. Your food looks delicious.

    And girl. You are so good at working out! Ha. I need to get on that band wagon.

  3. keith looks like he has something stuck to his crotch.... ;/ hahahaha

  4. Stop posting bout fooooooood! You're making me jealous. Tell Keith not be be embarrassed about his leather jacket. I just broke mine out, but I don't think I look like Meatloaf in Rocky Horror in mine.

  5. for real, every food picture is just making me more hungry! Now I want to make tater tots, grilled cheese, and pizza. haha.

  6. OMG. The Rocket town picture is killing me right now. Please post that all over the internet!!


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