Friday, September 9, 2011

Recycled Art

This past week at work my great friend Sarah found an awesome art project for us to do with our respective groups of children. It kind of started out as a project for us to do on our own to kill time, but when our supervisors saw it and loved it we decided to do with the kids. This summer someone donated a ton of old magazines, so Sarah took it upon herself to find a way to get rid of them in a creative way.... and alas I bring you... magazine bowls! All we did was fold up strips of magazine pages, rolled them up, applied lots of tape and pressed them into a bowl shape. The finished one that your see there is mine, and all the smaller ones the kids made. I spent the day folding strips for them but was pleasantly surprised at how well they did at folding their own when we ran out. The kids LOVED this project and are so excited to add to them and make the bowls bigger on Monday. The best part? All of the students in these photos forfeited their gym time to sit with me and make these... it made my heart happy :) they also decided that they made pretty great hats also haha.

So if you have a bunch of magazines laying around I would highly recommend doing this... it was pretty calming to just sit and fold paper. Can't wait to shellac these and use them for something!

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