Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Move of 2012

Hello friends, it seems that our lack of internet in the new house has led to a bit of a drought in posting for me. That, plus that whole MOVING thing where every night this week we've been unpacking, organizing or cleaning something. Pheww we are EXHAUSTED!

So here's a little story: remember when we thought we would be leisurely moving over the course of a couple weekends? Well that went right out the window when we heard from our old landlord that he had decided to charge us for anytime we spent there past the 1st of March. We buckled down last weekend and made it happen regardless of any other plan we may have had in our heads. This made for a very tiring weekend, but a rewarding one at least. The move happened pretty slowly and consisted mostly of just Keith and I making lots of trips in our own cars on Saturday and Sunday morning. In the afternoon on Sunday we had to bite the bullet and rent a uhaul since there was no way to get our mattresses or the washer and dryer in our cars. Thankfully we had some friends from our small group that came by for a couple hours to assist with the heavy lifting. There was only one real low point the whole weekend and that was when there was some confusion unhooking the washing machine and we damn near tried to flood the whole kitchen, but it was just too strange not to laugh about haha. We are SO happy to be here in the new house and can't wait to get it settled ASAP so we can start sharing it with people!

Here are some photos from our move, don't worry... new house pictures are next!

Ps: excuse the jumbled photos, this tends to happen when I post from my my phone... I'll be doing some editing when we get the computers up and running! Just wanted to briefly share about our move!

Our curious kitty.

Oh, just sittin in the Uhaul waiting for someone stronger than me to come help haha

Our helper Ives
how CRAZY we looked after a full weekend of moving haha
Goodbye old house! Thanks for being so good to us!

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