Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Major Birthday

Last Wednesday marked one whole year since our friends Isaac and Carolyn brought their beautiful baby girl Sage into the world. I am still just beyond amazed at how fast this year has gone by and how much she has grown up! We could not feel more blessed that we have gotten to spend so much time with Sage throughout this year, and look forward to watching her grow and learn and mature even more! She really couldn't be cuter :)

Saturday night after the wedding shower, us ladies met up with our gentlemen and then headed to the Negley's house to celebrate Sage with a super fun 1st birthday party! Sage seemed to really love all the people, and the cake and the BALLOONS and especially the presents haha. We hadn't gotten to see her in a few weeks, and in just that short time she is already walking! All of the party guests took turns following her around wherever she happened to be meandering, which was seriously precious haha. It was really nice to get a chance to catch up with Carolyn and Isaac's families, whom we love dearly, and to celebrate Sage with sweet friends who we just can't see enough of. Here are some photos of the little one year old:

Getting stoked for that cake!

She was really pretty polite with the cake eating, just grabbed the frosting and licked it off her fingers like a lady haha

Loving all the shiny balloons

and all the new toys!

As much as she loved the new stuff, it seemed like she was just as content with tearing all the tissue paper out of the bags haha

Jordie, Trent, Jamie and Tytus :) 
and no: we're not ready to start making babies yet, we're more than content sharing our friends cute babies :) 

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