Wednesday, March 28, 2012


For the last two weeks, the majority of my students and I have been talking about animals and their habitats. They each picked an animal and did some research on where that animal lives, which they then drew and then painted them with watercolors. I had done some watercolor painting with my elementary students earlier this year, but I feel like this was the first time they really spent lots of time with it. There were definitely some challenges, but I think they did an awesome job overall! These are my favorites:


Horse in a stable (not exactly their habitat but close enough haha)


Elephant in the circus (again, not their habitat, but I appreciate the thought haha)


Mega squirrel, or tiny tree?

Somewhere in here is a lion haha

Desert tortoise 

This sunset got a little out of control haha

another panda 

This one was one of my middle schoolers... I love foxes :)

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