Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ladies Night

Thursday night my lady friends and I gathered to help the beautiful Jordie to make some decorations for her upcoming wedding. I remember feeling super isolated and stressed when I was making decorations for our wedding, alone in Philadelphia so I definitely jumped at the chance to help out a friend. We filled confetti bags, and stamped some labels, wrapped letters and sewed photo booth props... all while chowing down on delicious snacks and chatting chatting chatting. My hope is that Jordie could feel even a LITTLE bit of weigh lifted off her shoulders when it comes to her upcoming wedding, and it's always great to have ladies night :)

Sammie and Jordie.

Sewing hearts.

full disclosure: I swiped these from Jordie's instagram. Too pretty not to share.

Jordie totally forgot about the cake she had made, so as we were leaving she packed me two pieces to take home... they didn't make it home :)

While we had ladies night, the boys got together for wings and beers at Buffalo Wild Wings... when I picked Keith up from Trent't house to go home we realized that Trent, Tytus and I had apparently coordinated outfits haha

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