Monday, March 19, 2012

Friend Music

Last friday Keith and I had the honor of gathering with many good friends to celebrate the CD release of an awesome band: LULU MAE. Keith went to college with most of the members of this band, and we even got a chance to visit them in the studio as they recorded this album so we were especially excited to hear the finished product and cheer on our friends as they shared it with the world. I would highly recommend listening to the tracks on their website, and then downloading the album on iTunes. I've had it in my car since Friday, and STILL can't stop listening! Here are some photos from their set:

I had only ever seen them play an acoustic set before, but this album really warranted a full band performance and they totally delivered. Despite being completely exhausted, I couldn't walk about of that building without a smile on my face...

Speaking of exhaustion... Friday ended up being one of the busiest days I've had in awhile: I started super early with a doctors appointment, got called in to sub last minute, went straight to teaching an art class at a new community center, got home in a rush to change and then grabbed dinner at Mas Tacos, headed downtown to listen to the band Neulore that Keith needed to see for work, arrived at the Lulu Mae show, ran into the beautiful Jenny, heard some awesome tunes! then home to change into pajamas before the Tomlinson's and Cochran's arrived at our house to drop off a car on their way to Florida. CRAZY DAY! Which totally warranted a nice long morning of sleeping in on Saturday, and an afternoon of lounging on the couch haha.

How about you guys, anyone heard any great live music recently or listened to a really great new album?

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