Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pump Up The Party

Today at work we took the kids to a place called Pump It Up which is just a fancy warehouse filled with inflatable bounce houses, slides and obstacle courses. It was insane, but I definitely got my work out for the night. These kids went buck wild when they opened that door and told them it was ok to play, but then they hysterically crashed and burned about an hour in. I have some pretty ouchy "bounce house burn" (like rug burn but from a bounce house, is there a name for that?) but Sara and I had a good time keeping up with the kids. After beating a group through an obstacle course and down the slide I got one of my most favorite compliments ever: "Ms. Richards, you really know how to party". They don't even know the half of it... :)

Getting amped on the bus ride there.

Climbing the rock wall.

Yep. Pump it up carpet.

Sara recovering from the slide.

Trying not to get pounded with dodge balls.

Just posin'

Dead. Tired.

Too much fun.

Punching children with large inflatable boxing gloves.

This photo is obviously blurry, but I love the look of sheer terror on this kids face haha

Jeremiah wanted to take my picture but had lots of trouble holding it still, I think it makes me look more awesome.

Funny story: last night Sara wrote about our impending trip on her blog and I just had to share.

"In other unrelated news, tomorrow we are going to Pump It Up. A place where kids jump around, get athletes foot and ringworm, as well as throw up whatever is jumbled around in their stomachs. I’m really looking forward to it! Here’s to hoping I find zero old Band-Aids on or around me."
What is that? YEP. a gross old bandaid :(
She jinxed us haha


  1. Haha...I love that compliment from the little one!

  2. Aww..those kids look like they're having such a fun time! Awesome! xoxoxoo

  3. The crybabies picture made me lol!

    In other posts, pointillism paint project was dope, and that cobbler looks bad ass.


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